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Correspondingly, there have been no updates for the wireless and Ethernet features of the Apple Airport Express and Extreme in almost five years. Also, the Airport Express still uses Wireless-N, which is becoming an increasingly out-of-date WiFi standard. Concerning the DD-WRT routers sold by FlashRouters, a 1 GHz processor is fairly middle How to: Setup VPN on an Apple Airport Extreme Nov 18, 2018 OpenWRT on Airport Express - reddit

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I installed Open DNS on both my Apple Airport express v7.6.x and my dd-wrt flashed WRT54G. I can easily go to any porn sites or sites which I hope OpenDNS blocked. This is my second go around with OpenDNS. First time I did it couple of years before it worked like a charm. What am I doing wrong. C:\>nslookup -type=txt Server Airport Extreme or Linksys WRT600n? | AnandTech Forums