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How to change the MAC address of my modem/router/gateway Find the correct menu to change your MAC address It is usually in "Setup > Advanced", you're looking for a menu called "MAC Address Clone". This should let you enter your own MAC address, it is designed to clone the MAC address of your network card. How to Find and Change Your MAC Address on OS X Jun 26, 2015 Why and How to Change the MAC Address of a Machine in

To spoof the address go to Control Panel>Network Connections. Then right click on the connection you want to spoof and select properties. Now go to the advanced tab and click on Network Address. Then select the black box and type the MAC address you want to have.

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Feb 08, 2018 Can I change my computer's MAC address? - PC Changing the local MAC address is sometimes called "MAC address spoofing" and may be used to alter the way your machine is seen on a network. Local MAC addresses can be changed on Windows, Macintosh, and Unix systems. Windows users can change the local MAC address of some network cards by opening the Network Connections control panel, right