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Firewall Guru: Session Timeouts The Fortinet platform like most other stateful firewalls keeps track of open TCP connections. Each established session is assigned a timer which gets reset every time there is activity. macos - Cisco VPN timeout issues - Ask Different I'm trying to use the native Cisco VPN client installed with Lion and it's been a terrible experience. The VPN times out between 15 and 45 minutes and I can't seem to fix it. I've followed guides for

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Setting a session time? - The Meraki Community Nov 22, 2017

Oct 10, 2018

Apr 24, 2018 Client VPN timeout - The Meraki Community You can. In Windows you have to go to network connections and change the setting for idle timeout. The only way to "enforce" this is probably if the client is in an Active Directory environment or such where you can control the privileges/policies.