To modify the instance size, select ‘Instance Settings’->’Modify Instance Type’ from the ‘Actions’ menu. Select the appropriate size. Seeing as we have launched a medium sized instance, we will now reduce the size to ‘t2.micro’.

It is impossible to resize an EBS volume. However, by creating a copy of the volume that is either larger or smaller, you can simulate a resize. Doing this with EBS volumes can be challenging, especially when they are mounted as the root device on an EC2 instance. This post is intended to provide step-by-step directions on how to either expand or shrink the size of an EBS volume. For a complete list of all available instance types and sizes, see Amazon EC2 Instance Types at the AWS website. At minimum, a 64-bit Tableau Server requires a 4-core CPU (the equivalent of 8 AWS vCPUs) and 16 GB RAM. However, a total of 8 CPU cores (16 AWS vCPUs) and 64GB RAM are strongly recommended for a single production Amazon EC2 instance. Processing power: Every instance has a certain number of EC2 compute units (ECU), which is a benchmarked amount of processing power (the equivalent of the CPU capacity of a 1.0-1.2 GHz 2007 Opteron or 2007 Xeon processor). For example, the small instance in AWS has 1 EC2 compute unit, or 1 ECU.

Jun 22, 2016 · Start up the EC2 instances and take note of the assigned private IP addresses which we will use in a following step. Part II - Installing Elasticsearch RPM. Log into each EC2 instance via SSH. $ ssh -v -i /pathto/[certfilename].pem ec2-user@[ec2hostname] Then install the Elasticsearch RPM package on each EC2 instance as instructed below.

X1 Instances are optimized for large-scale, enterprise-class, in-memory applications and have the lowest price per GiB of RAM among Amazon EC2 instance types. x1.16xlarge: 976 GiB of memory, 64 vCPUs, 1 x 1,920 GB of SSD-based instance storage, 64-bit platform, 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Amazon Web Services provides a wide range of image sizes, which should make it possible for you to meet your application performance needs by tuning the EC2 infrastructure it runs on. If you think that the variety of instance types makes it difficult to decide what to do, the variety of image sizes will make your mind reel.

Amazon EC2 instances typically run on 64-bit virtual Intel processors as specified in the instance type product pages. For more information about the hardware specifications for each Amazon EC2 instance type, see Amazon EC2 Instance Types .