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How To Hide Your Friend List On Your Facebook Profile 2010-7-28 · If you don’t want to hide your friends and you like displaying your Facebook Friends List, you still have options. When you click on the pencil icon in the Friends box, you have the opportunity to choose how many friends display in the Friends box on your profile. The default is six, but you can change it to 9 or 12. How to hide your Friends List from the public on Facebook 2020-1-16 · Facebook is all about interacting with your friends, but there are times when it’s best to keep your list of Facebook friends hidden from public view. For example, if you’re looking for a job, you might want to hide your friend list from prospective employers … How to hide friends on facebook? | Yahoo Answers 2010-6-19 · There is a quite easy and quick way to hide friends list on facebook, you can just go to friends list than in friends section look at the right side, there is a button which has Pencil icon on it, click on it than you can change friends list privacy.

The Facebook application on Android and the Facebook mobile website don't have the option to hide the _is now friends with_, _became friends with_ or _ and _ are now friends notifications, but there's still a little trick to do this by using a setting in Google Chrome on Android.

Facebook added new custom settings which you can take advantage of if you need to hide your friends from someone or to show all friends only to a particular person. It is named as Custom privacy settings to hide friend list. Facebook makes it easy to block people from seeing all your friends, but is there a way to hide one friend from another on Facebook? Let us go ahead and find out. Hide One Friend from Another on Facebook. In general, once you become a friend with someone on Facebook, the other person will be able to see all your friends.

2020-7-12 · Hide Followers and Following on Facebook PC. Go to Facebook and then sign in. Click on your profile name which is in between “Search Box” and “Home.” Click on “Friends” beneath your “Cover Photo.” You can see the “Pencil” icon beside the “+ Find Friends” button. Click on it and then click on the “Edit privacy” option.

Can you hide friends on Facebook from your spouse? - Quora And why exsactly would you want to do this? Just know your spouse will find out even if you manage to do this, other accounts or even if she makes a new one will be able to see. Just know your relationship will suffer as a consequence of you being Facebook New Friend Reports - Hide "is now friends with Great, right? We have the awesome minds at Facebook to thank for that one. Turning off Facebook New Friend Reports – Updated October 2019. Unfortunately, as of this writing, Facebook still does not have a way to do this from the mobile app; you must sign into the website to stop spamming your friends with Facebook New Friend Reports.