To access private browsing in iPhone or iPad Safari you must click on the window display button (lower right of the iPhone and upper right of the iPad) and click on «Nav. private ». This will open a new tab that, as you will see, is in black and means that you are browsing privately.

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How to Turn On/Off Private Browsing On iPhone XR,11 pro

To enable Private Browsing in Safari, follow these steps. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad, tap the Pages icon (consisting of two squares) to bring up the open tabs view, and then tap "Private Private Browsing in Firefox for iOS | Firefox for iOS Help Firefox's Private Browsing lets you browse the Web on your iPhone or iPad without saving your history. Open as many Private Tabs as you'd like, and switch between Private and regular browsing easily. 8 Most Secure Private Browsers for iPhone & iPad 2020

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