Sep 02, 2015

Client Certificates vs. Server Certificates – What’s the Server or SSL Certificates perform a very similar role to Client Certificates, except the latter is used to identify the client/individual and the former authenticates the owner of the site. Server certificates typically are issued to hostnames, which could be a machine name (such as ‘XYZ-SERVER-01’) or domain name (such as ‘’). HOW TO: Install Imported Certificates on a Web Server in Server Certificate. On the Welcome to the Web Certificate Wizard page, click Next. On the Server Certificate page, click Assign an existing certificate, and then click Next. On the Available Certificates page, click the installed certificate you want to assign to this Web site, and then click Next. On the SSL Port page, configure the SSL port number. The default port of 443 is appropriate for most situations. Certificate Server Installation - Microsoft Certificate

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Select the Directory Security tab and click Server Certificate in the Secure communications section. Click Next in the Welcome to the Web Server Certificate Wizard window. Select Assign an existing certificate, Click Next. Select the certificate from the list and finish the wizard. Stop, then Start the web server for that site.

Step 1: Backup Windows Server 2008 R2 certificate authority database and its configuration . Log in to Windows 2008 R2 Server as member of local administrator group; Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Certificate Authority; Right Click on Server Node > All Tasks > Backup CA Certification Authority Backup CA

Client Certificates vs. Server Certificates – What’s the