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Jan 06, 2018 · Other Ways to Know How to Connect PS3 to WiFi. Connecting your ps3 to a WiFi connection is the first rung on the ladder to becoming involved the world of online game playing. Almost all variants of the ps3 (all except the 20 GB) have an integral wireless capability. Aug 24, 2011 · If you have done BOTH the above steps correctly you should now see an increase in your internet performance with your PS3, I for one went from <1Mbit to <3.5 Mbit after the above settings. May 17, 2010 · Yes, you may have a fast connection but the speed of your connection is irrelevant. You're more secure and protected from the things that will still cause you issues when using a cable. EDIT: Not saying gaming is impossible over wifi, I did it for a long time with the PS3, but wired is the ideal connection method. Feb 15, 2008 · Does the 40gb ps3 have wifi meaning it can get online from a wireless router because my pc is way to far to connect with just a cord and is the only difereance bettween the 80gb and the 40gb is just more storeage? Nov 10, 2016 · WiFi Connection – PS4 Pro. Alongside the major upgrades inside the PS4 Pro that make it capable of displaying games in 4K, the Pro has also received a handy little upgrade to its WiFi adapter.

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Dec 09, 2010 · Sony has stated that the PS3 will have similar online connectivity and services as the next generation of Xbox Live. Calling it "an always on, always connected device," SCEI's chief technical officer Masa Chatani said the PS3 would be constantly in touch with a "PlayStation World" network "fundamentally based on community, communication

Some versions have wifi built in other need it by usb ports when the ps3 came out the 20 gb was almost bare bones compared to the 60 gb version which has more features than the current 80 and 40

Aug 31, 2009 · Look in the proximity of the PS3 at other electronic equipment that might interfere with the PS3 wi-fi signal. In my case it was the wi-fi TV&Video transmitter. Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Fat Wifi Board Ribbon Cable . $4.99. Free shipping . Wifi Board Ribbon Cable - CECHA01 CECHE01 CECHG01 Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Fat OEM. $1.99