Why redirect web visitors based on country There are times when it is useful to redirect a visitor to different default web page based on the visitor’s country of origin. One practical usage is to redirect visitor redirect your website visitors to specific posts or web pages based on IP address and make the language automatically switch to Apr 22, 2010 · I'm currently doing an HTTP redirect (permanent redirect - 301) from a DNS service to an IP address with an explicit port number. I would like to be able to show the user, in the browser the original doman name instead of the ip:port combination. The transit IP address is configured on the EdgeRouter's WAN interface and the public IP address range can be configured on a single LAN interface or divided between multiple interfaces. In this setup, the internal clients are using public IP addresses. Dec 16, 2018 · Here we are checking the IP and the requested URI. If there's a match, then the request will be sent to /just-for-you.html. To use this redirect, simply edit the IP address, requested page, and redirect page. Copy and paste the code into your .htaccess file and upload to your server. Block specific request types Nov 28, 2011 · A static IP address is an unchanging number identifying a device on your network, and to forward a port you first need to give your router the static IP address of the device for which you are Internally, IP addresses are stored as numbers. While computers are happy to use numbers, humans prefer names. The Internet uses the Domain Name System (DNS) as an internet address book so you can use use words (such as www.avast.com) instead of numbers to navigate the internet and to address the devices on your network.

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Dec 05, 2008 · How-To: Redirecting network traffic to a new IP using IPtables 1 minute read While doing a server migration, it happens that some traffic still go to the old machine because the DNS servers are not yet synced or simply because some people are using the IP address instead of the domain name….

This maps your hostname to multiple IP address. Only used for DNS based load balancing (not common). DNS Alias (CNAME): This maps your hostname to another hostname. It is useful for pointing many hosts to the same place and updating them easily. Port 80 Redirect: Port 80 redirects are used to get around ISPs that block inbound port 80.