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Censorship as Reward: Evidence from Pop Culture … 2020-6-5 · Censorship has traditionally been understood as a way for dictators to silence opposition. By contrast, this article develops and tests the theory that certain forms of censorship—in particular, prohibitions on popular culture—serve not only to limit political information but also to … China Internet Censorship News & Insights – China Internet China Internet Censorship. News and insights of internet censorship in China. China Internet Censorship Overview. Internet censorship in China is conducted under a wide variety of laws and regulations and more than sixty Internet regulations have been made by the corresponding government agencies of China, which have been implemented by state-owned ISPs, companies, and organizations.

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More on Trade and Internet Censorship Brian Hindley and Hosuk Lee-Makiyama have published a working paper on "Protectionism Online: Internet Censorship and International Trade Law." From the abstract: This paper suggests that many WTO member states are legally obliged to permit an unrestricted supply of cross-

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ACLU v. Johnson: New Mexico and online censorship 2020-7-20 · Publishers Join Court Fight Against New Mexico Internet Censorship Law. Washington, DC (April 22, 1998) - For the third time in two years, the Association of American Publishers (AAP), is back in court challenging an attempt to impose government censorship on the Internet, this time by the State of New Mexico. Online Censorship in the States | American Civil Liberties 2020-7-19 · This year, New Mexico has already passed a draconian censorship law, and bills are pending in 10 other states. The ACLU succeeded in striking down three of these state laws so far, but the larger task lies ahead: to secure free speech online in each and every state where this right is threatened. USMCA – censorship and fine for cell phone repair. – The