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Untangle at Home supports all the RT-AC88U's wireless settings. Untangle directly supports VLANs. You can even add a virtual VLAN interface to an existing interface and create your IP network within that virtual VLAN interface. I typically spread network clients to their appropriate interfaces on Untangle using VLANs from a managed switch. NG Firewall HomePro | Untangle Untangle reserves the right to make the determination whether any use is inconsistent with the intent of the license. Get NG Firewall HomePro. HomePro is a NG Firewall subscription for residential, non-commercial use. Starting at $50.00 a year! Buy Now. 14-Day Free Trial. Not ready to buy? Try it in your network risk-free. Untangle 12 Installation and configuration Mar 02, 2016 The Internet of Things | Untangle

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Solved: Voice VLAN Help Please - Cisco Community Now they want to move the phone system to a new VLAN because their class C subnet is running out of addresses. DHCP is handled by their Active Directory and their router/firewall is an Untangle Box. The SG300 switches have a basic configuration only. To move the phone system to a new VLAN I created VLAN 20 on every switch. pfSense or Untangle | [H]ard|Forum May 04, 2011

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Jun 19, 2012 VLAN issue - Cisco Community previously we have no vlan in both switch and switch have default vlan named as vlan1 . now we created two vlan in Cisco switch 1 named as VLAN 20 and VLAN 30. Vlan 20 IP : Vlan 30 IP : Each Vlan are connected with host and their details are. VLAN … pfsense vs. Untangle : PFSENSE Untangle runs on Debian. I'm using less than 2gb of memory on a Celeron J1900 with 5 vlans, IDS, Webfilter, and a few other apps. I do VPN into the system, but since where I work has a rather dismal throughput, I wasn't concerned about reaching gigabit speeds. I paid the fifty dollar fee. RVS4000 DHCP Issue - Cisco Community What I would like to setup is 2 vlans. One for LAN based machines and one for wireless machines. The vlans will need to be created on the second RVS4000 router in router mode so I will need DHCP fixed. The Untangle UTM is a computer based firewall and will not pass vlan tags so the first RVS4000 will not work for setting up vlans.