Jun 20, 2017 · Why Some Websites are Blocked This article applies to: Security & Policy Cornell University proactively blocks Internet sites that pose a security threat to the university or the Cornell community.

There are various websites which are blocked in certain places like schools, universities, educational institutes, working places etc. There are many reasons like security issues, privacy factors or other similar problems due to which any website can be blocked or censored. You can easily check the list of all blocked sites on the server. Disabling third party cookies can cause problems with some websites. Always accept third party cookies to rule it out as a cause for your problem. Click Exceptions…. Make sure the site you're trying to access isn't listed. If it is listed, click on its entry, then click Remove Website. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you've made This is a list of the most notable such blocked websites in the country. This page does not apply to Hong Kong and Macau where most Chinese laws do not apply . Note that many of the sites listed may be occasionally or even regularly available, depending on the access location or current events. Apr 21, 2020 · Blocked websites are different from location to location. Some might’ve been in another country so they can access the website that is prohibited in your country. Another factor that might cause this is your internet service providers (ISP). ISPs have different contracts between companies, regions, or countries.

I've recently upgraded to Windows 10 and have found that some normal/safe (ie. govenerment ) websites are randomly being blocked. I had Norton antivirus which I blamed it on and uninstalled but the problem is still persisting. I have no other antivirus, only windows firewall.

Apr 15, 2018 · If there is no account-related message, probably the site has been blocked using Internet Options. Go to Internet Options in Control Panel and on the Security tab, click on Restricted Websites in

I can tell you with certainty that the router is the reason that certain websites are being blocked. As far as the pinging.the packets timed out and just like you would expect if it can not reach an IP.

Top 12 Websites Blocked in China & Why Internet is a platform where people can exchange information with others, everyone can freely use the Internet. But due to some specific reasons, many popular foreign websites are blocked in China. If you can access the site with CyberSec off, please inform our customer support agents about it. 4. Your antivirus/firewall may be blocking the access. If you suspect that may be the case, add exceptions for NordVPN.exe and nordvpn-service.exe on Windows to your antivirus/firewall applications. Jan 02, 2018 · The website that I was being blocked from had for some reason blacklisted my IP. To resolve this, I contacted them to suggest that this was the case, based on research that I did. They replied to me with a link to click on, that effectively removed me from their blacklist. All is good now. May 14, 2020 · Besides, some sites are partially blocked (on Wikipedia, for example, some pages work perfectly while others don’t work at all), sites that go on and off, and sites that despite not being blocked, are so slow that in a practical sense they’re unusable. Jul 02, 2019 · It depends on how the website blocks you. A webmaster that wants to permanently block you is facing a tough problem. If they block based on your IP address, you will get in eventually because your IP address changes from time to time. Having said that some websites or applications that do not cause any threat to your security might be blocked by this feature. If you think a certain website or service should not be blocked please report it to our Customer service agents, we will review the service in question and will unblock it if necessary.