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The "Pro" routers for home The "Pro" routers for home-offices are the Cisco 800 series. But without specific knowledge, they are really hard to setup and configure. A bit more expensive but probably the easiest to setup would be a Cisco Meraki MX64. Cisco 900 Series Integrated Services Routers WAN, switching, security, and advanced connectivity options combined in a compact, fanless platform. An ideal fit for small and midsize businesses. 2x Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch (or Cisco Catalyst 2960) 1x Cisco Catalyst 3550 switch (or Cisco Catalyst 3560 or 3750) 3x Cisco 1841 router; This is a cost effective lab that allows you to practice everything. Conclusion. I hope this lesson has helped to understand the different options that we have to build a CCNA routing & switching lab. The best Linksys router available in the sub-$50 category, handling high bandwidth demand easily and whole-home range. Automatic setup is fast and easy, and even novice users can configure a separate guest network. Direct transfer speed (such as backups) is impressive. Handles high-bandwidth tasks like HD streaming like a champ.

Cisco IOS XE; Integrated security and wireless LAN and WAN; WAN connectivity, comprehensive security, wired and wireless access in a single branch platform. These powerful, Cisco IOS® XE based, SD-WAN ready routers deliver secure, flexible connectivity over LTE Advanced, Ethernet, and 802.11ac Wifi.

Re: Managed Switch and Router for Home use Thanks for the recommendation, unfortunately that router does not meet my requirements. The wan circuit speed is rated at 50 Mbps per the Cisco Integrated Services Routers—Performance Overview. Feb 16, 2017 · A home router will be able to provide wireless access to individual computers and other devices. A typical consumer router will provide access for up to 64 client devices (32 per frequency band). Most home routers feature four Ethernet ports for wired access to computers or other devices. Cisco home routers Place Image Product Information Score Stores; 1: Cisco RV160W VPN Router with 4 Wireless Ports plus Wireless-AC VPN Firewall, Limited By cisco 9.7 View Product 9.7 2:

Connecting Cisco router to home router to give lab network internet access I am fairly new to networking and am currently setting up a lab with a cisco 2611 router and a couple switches. I would like to connect my cisco router to my home router so I can connect my lab network to the internet.

Configure Cisco 1921 as Home Router Long Story short is that I have a Cisco 1921 running 15.3 that I am trying to setup as a typical home router. I want to allow all the traffic from inside to go to the internet, and I want all the traffic from the internet to to be able to get in. I thought by having one interface on the Cisco 1841 router in the first subnet and one interface in the second subnet it would work. I thought that PC2 would use the Cisco router as it's default gateway rather than the superhub. I reserved the .126 address on the superhub's dhcp reservation pool, so that it won't be handed out elsewhere.